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An astonishing album which can draw you completely into The Prophecy's bleak world - 4/5 - Zero Tolerance -

Resplendent in beautiful and tragic lyrics, stylized metal and melodic vocals and perfect musical alchemy - 8/10 - Powerplay

Em que os THE PROPHECY desenvolvem a sua exceptional arte de composicao de temas doom melodicos - 8/10 - Loud

The Halifax MASTERS OF MISERY - Terrorizer

Strictly recommended to all the doom fans - Costas Silent (9/10)

Terroraiser Magazine Ukraine I cant believe how good this album is

Lamentations of the Flame Princess - Being from England and mixing evocative, morose riffs, deep growls, clean, mopey crooning, sobering violins and lengthy tracks, you’d forgive The Prophecy for maybe being a My Dying Bride cover band (drummer John Bennett has even session drummed for MDB) that mixes the band's more doom/death style of their early material with the band’s whiny mid era phase (The Angel and the Dark River, Like Gods of the Sun), but they do it well.

The material here needs little explanation if you own a sampling of MDB’s discography; vocalist Matt Lawson has the same deep gruff growls mixed with plenty of Aaron Stainthorpe-ish whines while the riffs crumble and shimmer with a precise, lumbering gait. It all lacks the Finnish sense of melancholy melody (though “Of Darkness” tries) or some of the recent sheer mass and density of doom (i.e, Ahab, Asunder), but lies pleasantly in between with a deep sense of the seminal early 90’s British doom scene (Paradise Lost, Anathema), which in itself is a welcome change for a former Brit such as myself.

The tracks are competent and appropriately bleak and moody but without making you want to kill your self. However, none of them really make the album standout or come across as more than a pure MDB homage (i.e. “Cascades”, “Willows Hope”, even parts of “Of Darkness” reeks of MDB early attempts to speed things up like “The Forever People”). Only the title track carries a bit more unique identity due to its almost exclusive clean vocals and almost ballad pace. And closer "Broken" shows some promise within its many testures, if Lawson can just stop imitating Aaron Stainthorpe.

Not a bad album at all, just an album that needs a bit more individuality, but certainly for classic British Doom fans. 6.9/10 Erik Thomas Metal Review Of all the styles that exist within the Heavy Metal genre, Doom Metal is arguably the least commercial - especially where records sales and major press is concerned. There have certainly been a number of exceptions such as, Trouble, Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Anathema, Katatonia, Paradise Lost or Solitude Aeturnus but for the most part, it’s an underground phenomenon where artists are held in high regard and championed for their tenacity. The Prophecy – based in Northern England (bonus points for their country of origin) and who formed in 2001, already exude a number of the characteristics of the above acts especially when their second album REVELATIONS is taken into consideration.
Forgoing the traditional Doom of St Vitus or the dirge like styling’s of Winter – The Prophecy opt for a Doom Death approach that is more inline with the My Dying Bride’s of the world. The music itself covers enormous ground - as it should with a running time of over an hour, with rich arrangements and an instrumental approach that is lush and satisfying. “Odyssey”, “Willow’s Hope“and the absolutely amazing “Rivers” make for early highlights and display the talent on show. Unlike most bands of their ilk, The Prophecy experiment with tempo and the dynamics add colour to what is already a very full sound. Like their Doomination II tour mates, The Eternal or what Novembers Doom have created with THE NOVELLA RESERVOIR, this will give The Prophecy scope to move freely within their style without any self imposed limitations. With new influences such as Fates Warning and the legendary Psychcotic Waltz creeping into the mix I can only hazard a guess as to what the future may bring.
This review wouldn’t be complete if I failed to mention the performance of vocalist Matt Lawson. His ability to alternate between clean and guttural vocals is amazing and there where times when I found it hard to believe that that it wasn’t two vocalists at work. What adds to Matt's effort is the way his vocals have been mixed – up front and to the fore, which gives his voice room to breathe and makes for a very intimate and personal delivery. While this approach is common place nowadays, it’s fantastic to hear it done correctly and there are many would be (and established) vocalists who could learn a thing a two from Matt, I’m certain of it.
Doom Metal is basically not for those wanting a quick fix. The musicians who play such a style are certainly in it for the music and the fans, well, they are definitely the kind that are searching for more than common arrangements and run of the mill subject matter. The same can therefore be said of the The Prophecy – a band who deserve their recent accolades and one can only hope that they receive the support needed to step up to the next level. Look out for REVELATIONS when you’re searching for something new to enjoy, I have a feeling that you will not go away disappointed - Metal Rules 4/5 - Simon Lukic When I saw The Prophecy way back in 2003 on the “Doomination of America” tour, I was taken aback. They had such a presence on stage, and their music was so varied and fresh. I picked up their first album, “Ashes,” and the preceding demo at the show. I vividly remember listening to the album during the drive home, and I was even more amazing. “Ashes” is an amazing work of which I hadn’t come across anything quite like it. I called them, “The Opeth of doom metal,” due to their abundance of tempo changes and diversification that I haven’t heard to the same extent in a doom metal band.

When the band began work on their second album, needless to say I was excited. I knew this was going to be a telling album for the band, and quite possibly be make or break for them. The album, titled “Revelations,” was released in February of 2007, and I got a hold of it as quickly as I could find it. Which, being in the states, wasn’t all that easy. Will “Revelations” be the magnificent follow up to “Ashes,” or will it reveal something not as enticing? Without further blabbering, lets find out.

The album begins with “Odyssey,” which hits you with a remarkable lead that is so contagious that it could give the flu a run for it’s money. This song is loaded with melancholy, yet massive amounts of power. I absolutely love the violin work, too. It adds an element to the song that puts it over the top. The use of Matt Lawson’s clean vocals is also more profound than before, and more frequent use of his unique delivery is most welcome. His singing sucks you into the songs, and this remains true throughout the album. “Rivers” is second, beginning with a wave of slow rhythms that set the tone with precision. This lays on the gloomy overtones even more than the first song, which is hard to fathom. Everything about this song clicks. You have loads of melody, heavy rhythmic attacks, inspiring solos, and an atmosphere that incites instant adulation. “Cascades” begins with more violins and a downtrodden guitar riff, with Lawson’s harmonic singing chiming in soon after. This track is a real epic journey that runs the gauntlet of emotions. “Willow’s Hope” is the fourth song, bringing the pace up a tad with some faster guitars than we’ve heard thus far. The doom soon sets in, naturally, with haunting leads and vocal attacks. The title track stands next in line. This song gets started with a clean guitar intro to set the mood, whilst soon upping the ante with heavy drum and guitar onslaughts. The lead and solo work on this particular track is out of this world. This is also one of the most depressing songs of the album, providing such a despondent aura that you’d have to without a pulse to not feel it. “Of Darkness” throws and unbridled kick in the face with its aggression and attitude. This is the ass kicker of “Revelations.” Lawson’s growls are used much more on this track than any other, and this use fits the song perfectly. There’s a lot of death metal in this, but there’s a prevalent progressive feel to it that makes the song tick. The seventh and closing song to this opus is “Broken,” which his also the longest piece on “Revelations,” coming in at 14 minutes flat. A slow buildup is presented, with the texture of the song transforming into something much heavier and darker for a period, to then bringing you right back down again. This is a monstrous emotional roller coaster that literally runs the gauntlet of pain and sorrow. What a powerful way to end an already influential, impact-laden album.

There are some noticeable differences with “Revelations” and its predecessor. First off, Lawson’s clean voice is much more abundant, and I for one love it. His voice is unlike any other that I’ve heard, and it’s put to such good use on this release. This fact alone makes the album that much more personable. There also seems to be more solos included than before, and they’re all well-placed and fit in with the flow of the music as naturally as can be. I view “Revelations” to be a huge sign of a maturing band whose songwriting is going to scarily get better and better. Yes, it’s hard to imagine the band getting even better than they are now as not many groups can even think of touching their ability. But, I can see them becoming tighter and even more refined as time passes.

This is a masterpiece, and not one that just the rabid fans of doom metal will want to grab. Anybody should be able to pick this album up and fall for it in a very short period of time. The Prophecy not only proved that they’re not a one hit wonder; they proved that they’re one of the best and most unique voices in music going. This is a band that needs to be heard, so please, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this album. If you don’t find something you like about this album, then you’d better check and make sure you’re still alive. - HMAS 9/10 - Dan Barkasi Do you know what Shakespeare called the English in Richard II? “This happy breed of men”. Now, far be it from me to argue with the Bard, but, well, bands like The Prophecy continue to prove that we’re a whole lot better at being bloody miserable, here on the Sceptre’d Isle. “Revelations” is the follow-up to 2003’s acclaimed “Ashes”, and has seen the band endure the sudden storms of changes in line-up, label and studio to emerge with arguably one of the best doom-death releases Britain has seen for quite some time.
The Prophecy’s sprawling, epic, oppressive sound is built on discordant but pretty layers, a fucked-up beauty created from brilliant, soaring guitar leads, tombstone-heavy riffs, subtle keys which work perfectly both for melody and atmosphere, delicate clean guitars, dynamic drumming and ever-fluid vocals, which can switch in an instant from pained, soul-wrenching cleanness à la Anathema circa “Eternity”, to a deep, resonant growl. The tracks on offer here are at once ethereal and intense, moving at the speed of a broken heart, desperately, darkly sad. Also, I can’t remember when I last enjoyed lyrics so much, especially on the track “Willow’s Hope”; there’s a poet on board somewhere. A very morose one, but that goes without saying.
“Rivers”, the album’s second track, is a good example of what The Prophecy are about. The oppressive, doomy melancholy of the verses switches into a fuller, more complete chorus in a beautiful movement, and strange harmonics and underlying atmosphere slowly draw out the epic structuring. Towards the end, an indulgent and tricksy solo will almost put a smile on your gloomy face; keep an eye on guitarist Greg O’Shea because he’s super. On “Cascades”, a big layered monolith of a song, his leads soar and switch direction effortlessly; echoey, sad and endlessly inventive. My favourite tracks are those with which the album finishes, “Of Darkness” and “Broken”. The former has some of the best vocal lines on the album, with singer Matt able to show off his melodic skills, and also incorporates some great bassy riffing. “Broken” is possibly the most depressing song, again displaying some beautiful clean vocal melodies, and structured with majestic beauty.
Coming up against the British doom-death pantheon of the likes of My Dying Bride and Anathema is no mean feat, but The Prophecy succeed in breathing new life into the genre, taking it in new directions, inspired by a wider range of predecessors than the obvious. If monolithic, beautiful, oppressive, poignant, miserable doom-death floats your funeral barge, I cannot recommend this one enough. Just lie back and wallow in it - Vampire Magazine - Ellen Simpson This is once again one of those records, that make me enjoy this job so much. You receive a CD, where you don´t know the band, put it in your player and have a big smile on your face from the first song on, because you would´ve never expected something like that!

There must be something in the water in Great Britain, which inspires all those (Doom)bands to write this great atmospheric, emotional and doomy stuff. The Prophecy released their second full-length album 'Revelations' in 2006 on a smaller label, that is run by members of My Dying Bride. One could say, that this could already be taken as a sign of quality, as MDB are surely among some of the best Doommetal bands.

Fans of Opeth, Swallow The Sun, My Dying Bride and Doom/Deathmetal fans in general can buy this album blindly. You just can´t do anything wrong.All others should give it a try as well, even though the songs are surely no slight fare, as they´re between 7 and 14 minutes long. However this shouldn´t be a problem for fans of this genre. It´s always a bit dangerous to produce such long songs, since you´re always in danger of repeating certain structures and patterns too often, but The Prophecy don´t seem to have a problem with that.

Describing all the songs would surely go beyond the scope of this review, so let me pick out the song, that caught my intention from the first second on and is surely the best song, to show all the different faces of The Prophecy : "Of Darkness". This song has everything from clean vocals to deep Death-growls, progressive parts, doomy, heavy and faster ones. It´s like a summary of all songs on the CD. Matt Lawson (vocalist) is one of those vocalists, who make me really happy, while listening to them, because of the flawless alternation of clean vocals and growls, whereas most musicians are good at either clean or grunts, but seldomly both like here. Some people might call them My Dying Bride clones, but you can be sure, that this won´t be fair to The Prophecy, since they´ve got enough own ideas an own style of presenting their music. So even though I threw in those names, I don´t really like the comparison. Take it more as a to-buy-advise for fans of the aforementioned bands.

There´s only one question left... why is a band, that produced two high-quality Death/Doommetal albums still pretty unknown? The Prophecy definitely don´t have to hide from other bands of that genre, especially not with a high quality output like 'Revelations', which is only their second (!) one. Therefore 9 out of 10 points without hesitating!

written by Ateacina - 9/10 - Tartarean Desire - Ateacina
Arrivati al loro secondo disco, i The Prophecy dimostrano che le buone sensazioni avute con il loro debut album si sono riconfermate alla grande con questo nuovo "Reveletion", lavoro che ci regala una prova maiuscola della band. Affondando le proprie radici in quel doom/death metal che ha reso grandi band come i My Dying Bride, i nostri sviluppano un discorso personale, fatto di decadenza e sofferenza come il buon doom inglese insegna. Gli elementi vincenti ci sono tutti: melodie decadenti, alternanza di voce growl e pulita, violini struggenti, chitarre pesanti e chi più ne ha più ne metta. Il filo conduttore fra una song e l'altra è sicuramente la tristezza: ascoltare questo disco è una vera mazzata nello stomaco, tanto ogni singola nota è pregna di quel senso di desolazione, di solitudine e di malinconia che ha fatto grandi molte band più blasonate dei The Prophecy. In questo i The Prophecy sono veri maestri, e non fanno rimpiangere i grandi nomi e, anzi, grazie a questo "Revelations" si candidano a diventare un must per tutti i cultori del genere edi entrare, da qui a poco, nel gotha del doom inglese. Le song sono tutte ben strutturate e dimostrano le qualità copositive e di arrangiamento della band: song lunghe della durata media di oltre 6 minuti, che non si ripetono mai ma, anzi, orchestrano gli elementi che le compongono con maestria e cura certosina. A tratti mi hanno ricordato anche gli Anathema per certe parti pulite dove il singer Matt Lawson la fa davvero da padrone. Da applausi, ovazioni e quant'altro, la titletrack, una song a dir poco sublime, lunghissima, con assoli da pelle d'oca, che da sola vale il prezzo del CD. Voto 7 (Angelo Greco) Finally it found its birth, the long awaited second album from the UK doom-lads of The Prophecy. And after 1 listening it’s clear, they outclassed themselves in every aspect referring to their earlier releases. 7 long-drawn-out songs clocking from 7 till 14 minutes take you to the world of doom. Although the ghost of My Dying Bride is still around, The Prophecy has evolved in a more own characterising sound. All songs have an impulse to sing them along with an enormous dose of instinctive emotion right from the heart. Besides it’s hard to not move your head on their carrying tones. Matt has turned out into an emotional powerful singer. Still his grunts are still present and come from deep and sound more brutal as ever. The guitars are a marvellous bouquet of fragility and magnificent concentration of strength. The playing itself is suffused with an enormous sensitivity and passion with a hypnotising and compelling effect. The drums are sophisticated still very explosive and give the sound an inherent power. The captivating keys and beautiful played violin finish the sound to taste. Only negative point is the fading out of the majestic title-song, it definitely deserved a better end. But with this only minor The Prophecy moves themselves with this release a step closer to the crème de la crème of the doom scene and beyond. - Musketeer of Death This album is a true lesson of doom metal. With these seven brand new songs, the doom metal masters from England deliver one of the best atmospheric doom death record of the last 10 years. As ANATHEMA has turned into prog rock since a long time and as MY DYING BRIDE starts to turn into a selfcloning act, I wondered who will be ne new masters of the genre... MOURNING BELOVETH became cool as time goes by, but they doesn't have enough empathy to me, so the place was still empty in my mind... until these 'Revelations'. THE PROPHECY has become a real valeur sure now, and if the previous releases of the band were nice, this new stuff is perfect. It's mainly due to the more varied vocal lines, to the use of more clean melodic voices than before, voices in the vein of some ANATHEMA records. It's also due to the fact that each song is truly inspired, well written and perfectly played. Moreover, it's due to the very melodic and beautiful guitar leads we can find all along the songs. And it's finaly due to the musicians, to what they truly are... guys who play with their hearts. - Séb - 6/6 - Heavymetal Universe The last album of the British doomsters of The Prophecy is without any doubt one of the best surprises of the year 2006 in the Doom Metal category. When you know their previous album "Ashes", it was already easy to understand that the band was extremely good and promising and "Revelations", is not a… revelation but more like a confirmation of their exceptional talent. If you like My Dying Bride or Mourning Beloveth and classy Doom Death, this album is a must for you.

"Revelations" follows the classic structure of the British Doom/Death Metal, with an alternation of clean and death vocals, slow tempos and hyper melodic (but sad nonetheless) melodies but it's obvious that we're in front of some great compositions. A bit like My Dying Bride but probably more like Mourning Beloveth, the music of The Prophecy is full of sadness with however a lot of beautiful and tender melodies. It's only the second album of the combo but they already have an impressive musical maturity and all the songs of the album are like pure jewels. It's simple, "Revelations" is this kind of album that will give you a ton of different feelings, from sadness to happiness (musically speaking I mean). For sure all the people who pretend to like Doom Metal will find something for them in this release.

With intelligent and well-written lyrics, with catchy melodies, a great singer and great musicians (John Bennett plays now in MDB) it's extremely hard to find something bad on "Revelations". I tried to find, but I can't, even the production, the cover (in the pure Doom Metal style) or the performance of the members is near of the perfection and I clearly believe that they're able to do something better in the future. For me, The Prophecy will simply become the new My Dying Bride, if by luck a big label (Peaceville what are you doing?) wants to sign them.

If you pretend to listen to Doom Metal, and only know and like bands like Swallow The Sun, I will invite you to check the discography of The Prophecy. They don't suffer of any comparisons with the so famous Doom Metal bands, at the opposite I clearly believe that their last album is simply better than the majority of the Doom Metal releases that we got lately. "Revelations" is a must my friends, a beautiful piece of music full of hits played by talented young musicians, so listen to me and don't miss it. And as we say… doom on… 8.8/10 - Metal Storm First things first, the cover is beautiful, right away it engulfs me in atmosphere though it’s the wrong one. The cover depicts hope and beauty, then put this album in and hit play you will be drowned in crushing sorrow.

This is THE PROPHECY and this is their highly anticipated new album "Revelations". Their debut, "Ashes", was released to much critical acclaim and the band instantly created their own personal fan base within our little sub-genre who were just clamoring for their second outing. Three years later, here it is and needless to say they have a heavy burden to carry. They have to prove that they’re not just a fluke band, and did they do it? You freakin’ know it!

The band has since matured and have further developed their touching Doom sound. One will notice first of all that vocalist, Matt Lawson, uses his clean vocals way more than on their debut. At first, I was a little put off by this as I very much enjoyed his growls but his clean voice has grown on me and I find this was a good move on the band's part. Not only is it more accessible to other Metal fans now but it only adds even more emotion to an already sorrowful sound.

More guitar solos can be found running about as well. The best thing about them is, they don’t feel forced and thrown in just for the sake of a solo. Every single one is tastefully done and adds so much more the compositions. These aren’t just guitar-wanking solos, these are solos that speak to the listener and if the opening lead doesn’t immediately grab you, I don’t know what will. The keyboards also seem to have a bit more attention paid to them and are put a bit more in the front of the whole package. Good move on their part because there are some great keyboard melodies to be found here and there.

The lyrics are a step up from the debut, featuring haunting, thought-provoking lyrics full of bleak imagery. These lyrics could depress even the coldest of Metal-heads in some form or another. In 67 minutes they bring the whole package. Touching soft parts, bombastic crushing atmospheres and menacing vibes. Sometimes all found within the same track yet refined to perfection and with only seven tracks, it keeps them from ever getting boring. I usually tend to space out a lot while listening to Doom but this album kept my attention the whole way through. This album was clearly inspired and surpasses their already magnificent debut in every way. Thumbs way up! 9/10 - The Metal Observer Gli inglesi The Prophecy arrivano con "Revelations" alla seconda prova in studio, momento importantissimo della carriera di ogni band, che serve a dimostrare l'effettivo valore della propria proposta musicale. In particolar modo questi ragazzi hanno un difficile compito da svolgere, dato che con il precedente lavoro, "Ashes", molti sguardi si erano rivolti a questa nuova rivelazione. Fortunatamente la prova è stata superata alla grande e i The Prophecy danno alle stampe un altro grandissimo lavoro in cui le atmosfere plumbee e decadenti del doom si sposano con la grandeur trascendentale del gothic, senza dimenticare le origini vicine al death metal che contraddistinguono tanti gruppi dello stesso genere. Cercando di sintetizzare il suono della band inglese, quindi, potremmo citare senza dubbio i My Dying Bride, veri padri ispiratori del gruppo, che posseggono gran parte delle caratteristiche presenti in "Revelations": l'alternanza delle voci pulite al growling di stampo death, la costruzione dei brani, l'uso di tempi dilatati, senza dimenticare la presenza del violino che fino a qualche anno fa era il tratto distintivo della Sposa Morente. Un ottimo esempio di questi influssi è proprio il pezzo iniziale "Odyssey", a metà strada tra "The Cry Of Mankind" e le ultime produzioni della band inglese. Il brano mostra un songwriting davvero invidiabile, che dosa con sapienza le alternanze tra attacchi metallici e rallentamenti delicati in cui a farla da padrone sono gli arpeggi e il violino. Il pezzo seguente, "Rivers", nella parte iniziale devo dire che non riesce a convincere. Il motivo è facilmente individuabile e, a mio avviso, è il difetto principale dei The Prophecy, l'unica cosa che impedisce loro di essere davvero perfetti: mi riferisco alle parti di voce pulita ad opera di Matt Lawson. Se il cantante infatti si trova perfettamente a suo agio nelle parte gutturali, non si può dire lo stesso dei momenti melodici, dato che, pur non avendo una brutta voce, il suo stile manca di quella profondità interpretativa che invece rende unico un Aaron Stainthorpe. Il risultato sono delle linee vocali un po' monotone e lamentose, che non riescono a comunicare quello stato di vera sofferenza che dovrebbe trasparire dai pezzi. Molto meglio invece la seconda parte del brano, in cui la musica si risveglia con demoniaca furia, lasciando via libera alle chitarre, che come un fiume in piena crescono e si gonfiano fino a spazzare via tutto. Con "Cascades", invece, la band firma una delle sue vette. Il brano non si discosta molto dallo stile descritto, ma rallenta ancora un po' i toni, raggiungendo la giusta intensità, quello stato di disperazione che si trasforma ora in un grido di angoscia e disperazione, ora in un malinconico dolore lontano e sommesso, che culla l'ascoltatore con quel suo triste languore. Con questo brano, che per certi versi integra anche alcuni elementi degli Anathema di "Pentecost III", la band dimostra di sapersi destreggiare alla perfezione anche nei pezzi più lunghi ed articolari (parliamo di composizioni che superano i 10 minuti), portando sempre alla luce nuove sfumature, modificando accenti e variando le trame chitarristiche in modo da coinvolgere senza mai annoiare. Dopo la breve (si fa per dire...) "Willow's Hope", un pezzo di 'soli' sette minuti leggermente più accessibile in cui compare un buon lavoro di pianoforte da parte di Katie Callorook, e la title track, si passa alla pregevole "Of Darkness" che, come si può capire anche dal titolo, rappresenta un po' l'episodio più estremo del disco. La musica dei The Prophecy si tinge di rosso luciferino e si ammanta di tenebre creando una lunga composizione sinistra e ruvida, in cui si staglia poderoso il growling del cantante. Se "Of Darkness" è certamente uno degli episodi più riusciti del disco, è anche vero che il brano successivo è anche migliore: "Broken" rimescola nuovamente le carte in tavola, puntando tutto questa volta sulla malinconica sofferenza dei migliori Anathema. Il pezzo, che si snoda su ben 14 minuti di lunghezza, riesce davvero ad ammaliare, trascinando l'ascoltatore in un flusso di sensazioni difficili da condensare in poche parole. Si passa da arpeggi soavi a scariche elettriche con grande maestria, mantenendo sempre ai massimi livelli quell'eleganza e quella grazia che contraddistinguono i grandi artisti. Anche la prova vocale di Lawson sembra rinascere in questo pezzo, aggiungendo qualcosa in più anche al lato interpretativo affidato alla voce pulita. Per concludere, quindi, non posso che congratularmi con questa pregevole band, che pur non inventando niente di nuovo, rilegge tutta la tradizione del doom/death dalle tinte gotiche con maestria e abilità. Chissà, se col prossimo album la band riuscirà a suonare in maniera più personale e a migliorare alcuni aspetti del proprio sound (la voce su tutti), può darsi che ci ritroveremo a parlare di un nuovo capolavoro del genere. 8/10 - Shapeless Magazine - Danny Boodman With their stock clearly on the rise, as indicated by their drummer participating in the latest My Dying Bride album, British doom ensemble The Prophecy return with their second full-length album. _Revelations_ is also The Prophecy's first label album, as far as I am aware, and the first to break away from demo material. It is, first and foremost, more consistent than its predecessor _Ashes_, which really only showed potential: the musical development is superior, and the band seem a lot more sure-footed as far as their compositions and style. _Revelations_ is a melodic doom metal album, with some keyboards, violin and death growls for variety, and there The Prophecy seem to have found their own sound.

Opener "Odyssey" is a fine track, with its memorable and immediately recognizable lead guitar, as well as nicely placed use of violin and death vox; but its follow-up track "Rivers", with its somewhat atypical guitar work, plants the seeds of doubt as to whether The Prophecy will really fulfill their potential with _Revelations_. While hardly a bad track, it delegates that confirmation to the lengthy "Cascades", where the band prove their knack for reasonably intricate compositions and again the lead guitar work at times really shines. The clean vocals, which are usually among the hardest bits to get right in this genre, are well performed and appropriate; they're not overly dramatic and attention grabbing, but do their job competently. This is especially true during the heavy guitar sections, though the quieter ones are unremarkable in this aspect.

"Willow's Hope" goes back to the kind of guitar lead that made opener "Odyssey" especially memorable, with death growls also making a welcome return. By this point the band have clearly established their characteristics and strong points, especially the lead guitar work. "Revelations" is a longer track in the same mould as "Cascades", and keeps the album flowing impeccably. The doom/death that opens "Of Darkness" is definitely among the album's high points, as is the track itself. Closer "Broken" should perhaps have worked as a culmination of the album, but while it is a good track, it fails to elicit much reaction from me. Ultimately it may be that The Prophecy's style of softer passages doesn't work as well with me as I would like.

Despite not constituting a complete triumph, _Revelations_ is a very impressive step up from _Ashes_; a solid record with some outstanding moments and still a lot of potential for the future. Recommended for anyone who likes melodic doom metal as one of the bands to definitely look out for. 8/10 - Chronicles Of Chaos - Pedro Azevedo Man nehme die Schwermut My Dying Brides, die Durchschlagskraft der US-Doomsters Novembers Doom und die erhabene Trauer und Epik von While Heaven Wept und ist nunmehr gar nicht mehr soweit vom Sound der englischen SlowMo-Hoffnungsträger The Prophecy entfernt. Dieses 5-Piece bietet den geneigten Ohren auf „Revelations“ sieben überlange Doom-Epen, die vor allem mit einer schwelgerischen Atmosphäre und unglaublich schönen Melodien glänzen, die sowohl von den Gitarren als auch von Fronter Matt Lawson getragen werden. Dabei vermag es Matt nicht nur markante Stellen eingängig an den Mann respektive die Frau zu bringen, er zündet ein harmonisches Feuerwerk auch schon mal über die Länge einer kompletten Strophe. Das Verhältnis von cleanen, glockenklaren, melodisch anvisierten Linien und Growls findet einen guten Mittelwert, die heftigen Passagen ergänzen die leidvollen und wütenden Elemente des Sounds, wohingegen die klaren Parts Melancholie widerspiegeln und zu dem die Lichtstrahlen in der dunklen Tristesse markieren. Hört Euch zum Beispiel nur den Opener “Odyssey” mit seinem wunderschönen Refrain-Hook an („Mask of serenity just illusion…“) und ihr wisst was ich meine. Zumindest wenn Ihr Doom-Fanatiker seid. Apropos My Dying Bride: es passt jedenfalls gut ins Bild, dass Keyboarderin Katie Colbrook auch mal die Violine aus dem Koffer holt, um eine bittersüße Melodie zu zelebrieren, und Drummer John Bennett der neue Trommler My Dying Brides ist, der auch deren aktuelles Fabelwerk „A Line Of Deathless Kings“ eingezimmert hat. Mit “Revelations” haben The Prophecy jedenfalls ein herausragendes Doom-Werk erschaffen, das Englands Ruf als Ursprungspunkt des DoomDeath (begründet durch Innovatoren wie My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost und Anathema) endlich wieder mit neuem Futter nährt. Danke für diesen Gänsehaut-Erreger! 9/10 - Obliveon After their 2003 album 'Ashes', the same year in which 'Revelations' was written already, The Prophecy finally managed to release the latter in 2006. They decribe themselves as "doom/deathmetal", though I find it primarily to be the first, as the seven songs easily push the album's length beyond one hour. That's not the only reason ofcourse: content-wise, these guys (and girl) head down the path of slow-paced, melancholic soundscapes.

With John Bennett (currently also in My Dying Bride) behind the drums, and the clasically schooled Katie on keys and violin, an unmistakably solid foundation is there to put its shoulders under the whole. The quintessence of The Prophecy's magic lies in the masterful dialogues between vocalist (with an awesome variation, from whispers to full grunts) and guitarist (with a similar aptitude, from clean interludes to sneering leads, the latter being somewhat an oddity in the album's musical concept). The compositional talent of the band results in epic songs, filled to the brim with a rapturing, emotive atmosphere; subtly layered and meticulously balanced. Start this disc, close your eyes and let yourself get dragged along. Discovery of the Month! 91/100- FYUZine/ I have been looking forward to it for a long time! It just did not seem to happen, but at last in November 2006 the new album of Yorkshire doomsters The Prophecy is available. Their first album ‘Ashes’ was released in 2003. One may state that the songs have matured and became better like valuable wine in artisanal barrels of mournful expression. But it was worth waiting for, because The Prophecy offers us sixty-seven minutes doom metal of superior quality in seven magnificent, extensive compositions.

It is a bit of a strange sensation to review a new album while most of the songs sound quite familiar. That is because I saw the band many times live since the first encounter in 2003 and all these songs have been played live for years. The studio versions sound a bit less rough of course than those live performances, stored in my doom addicted memory. Just like ‘Ashes’, ‘Revelations’ is recorded at the Performance Studios by Alan Smith, but the mastering was contracted out to Steve Kitch (at Audiomaster).

The album kicks off with ‘Odyssey’ and this turns out to be the track ‘Open’ which I reviewed last month in its unmastered version. A majestic song, but if we listen further, we even find better tracks on ‘Revelations’. On this album, the band sounds a bit more atmospheric and sophisticated than on their predecessor and this is mainly because vocalist Matt Lawson uses a lot more his clean (and super melancholic) voice. Fragments of lyrics instantly haunt you. ‘Cascades’ is an excellent example of how they shift from ponderous doom riffs and peerless grunts to sensitive, touching passages and melodious yet fervid guitar solos.

What happened in the band since ‘Ashes’? Guitarist Greg O’Shea is responsible for all of the guitar parts now, since Christian left the band. Drummer John Bennett is active in My Dying Bride as well and the new bass player (in the meantime he is not so new anymore) Gavin Parkinson has mastered the details by now. Another highlight is ‘Of Darkness’ which truly expresses all of the well-known The Prophecy elements in a wonderful manner. In this heavier track with menacing atmosphere, they have something of the roughness of Mourning Beloveth, though The Prophecy is a bit more refined on the whole. The compelling melodies full of sorrow are relished with spoken fragments and put on a higher level by smashing guitar ornaments, succoured by soaring keyboard parts. The Prophecy has surpassed themselves on ‘Revelations’ and this album may not be missing in any doom metal collection. Choice of the Month 95/100 - Prog-nose / Lords of Metal Having been a gigantic fan of The Prophecy since being pummeled by 2003's 'Ashes', I waited with baited breath for'Revelations' to finally arrive in the post. Upon finally arriving, I hurriedly put it on, and gave it a few eager listens. Admittingly, I was somewhat skeptical about this release, having heard much praise and positive reviews prior to receiving it. This had happened many, many times in the past - an expectation of greatness only to be let down by the final product. Would I again fall victim to the hype?

Not this time! Not only does 'Revelations' build on the solid foundation of 'Ashes', but it easily exceeds it in every way fathomable. Musically, the band has grown, and are able to more easily express themselves through strong songwriting than ever before. The clarity of emotion is more upfront than in any of The Prophecy's previous releases.

The Prophecy have always been sublime lyrically, and 'Revelations' is no exception. This release contains some of the most powerful lyrical content I have ever heard in a Doom release. If I had to compare them to another band, Mourning Beloveth would most easily spring to mind.

The sheer emotion that runs through this release is evident from the first track all the way until the end of the album. With a runtime of over an hour, this was not a simple task! My favorite track would have to be 'Revelations' fourth, 'Willow's Hope'. It is a truly beautiful song with inspired lyrics, and a fluid, emotionally charged melody that suit them perfectly. Fantastic.

Picking fault in 'Revelations' is very hard, as it is everything you could really expect or want from a Doom release. It is rife with melancholy and filled with emotion. I cannot recommend 'Revelations' enough! This release is proof that the UK will always be at the forefront of Doom Metal. Long may The Prophecy reign as Death/Doom Gods! - / Born in Blood - Toby


released February 1, 2007



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Formed in 2001 The Prophecy have released five studio albums. The band have toured worldwide in support of their releases and have built up a reputation for their intelligent intense and emotional music


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Track Name: Odyssey
Take me through this wilderness of mind.
That withered and failed beneath the skies.
All that was is now in ruin
All that will be is fading like the dream.

Wandering through a veil of sadness
Calling out to my lover, I miss her embrace.
These are the days when all is fallow
So stare on through your window pane.

Mask of serenity just illusion
About to break on the inside
Torn to extremity in a lucid dream
An odyssey of sorts through visions ...of fire!

Faith will bind your soul to mine
Hollow of heart, unsound of mind
Turn your head towards the sky
And together we will overcome.

Mask of serenity just illusion
About to break on the inside
Torn to extremity in a lucid dream
An odyssey of sorts, fates entwining!

Ethereal words carried on the wind
Lead me towards your cry
An exodus to the ends of the Earth
Carries me closer to this destiny.

Faith will bind your soul to mine
Throughout this journey, an odyssey of minds
Leave the despair lost behind
And make the journey last forever.
Track Name: Rivers
Tie me down restrain the thoughts flowing through my mind.
There is blood on my hands not from my veins
Tears in my eyes stain my face

I Wash my hands clean
Wash them clean in the river.

And there will be no more pain tonight
No more words of hate and spite
The storm has passed and I'm still alive
Purge my thoughts of the night you died.

You died!
Left me alone!
This eternity!
To suffer!

Now I bask in this shameful prison, lost in the desert of my thoughts
These visions in my head are all I can see
Remembrance of a time I can not forget

But I Wash my hands clean
Wash them clean in the river.

This will be your last sunrise.
One last day before the end of your life.
You won't breathe this air no more.
For this will be the night that you died.

As she crawls from the depths of this great river all ghostly and pale
with ruined eyes she sees my shadow in the light of the fading day.

Resurrection born from the anger of the dead.
River call me home my final resting place.

Resurrection born from the anger of the dead.
Allowed to walk the earth to reciprocate the deed.
And the river remembers Meandering witness Ancient!
Track Name: Cascades
Shadows cast where he eternal lies
Cascades of rain falling from the skies
You hide behind your shadowy veil
Desolation's call not far away
The bleak call of winter fills your thoughts
These summer days now at an end

This pain eats away, poison in my soul
Through the heart, burning back, right through my veins
Try to escape, try to fail, there's no where to hide
Stand alone, lose your mind, surrender of your grace

A lament to last for the rest of your days
this barely noticed of tragic tales

All alone in the desert of winter, reborn, riven from the grave
Darkness rising over the sun, disseminate into the grey
You suffer for want of virtue, virtues you could never uphold
Your legacy in ruin displayed for all to see

Your tears fall like the autumn leaves
Your destiny or so it seems?

Be still in time you'll understand
Wake up from the dream you think you're in
Be gone all the demons that surround
Beware as the heavens grow dark again

We dance, standing naked in the rain
Cascading down make us whole again
Vivid memories filled with so much pain
This past long gone - yet you remain

But still you remain
Mourn each and every passing day
And the rain comes down
To wash away your tears
Why do you grieve your life away?
And all you want is to live in pain
When all you need are these cascades of tears
Track Name: Willow's Hope
Locked in this perpetual winter
Withered and forlorn
Folded over is the willow
Lonesome dowager of the field
Mourning for life now relinquished Until Death calls for She…

As we walk blindly into the night - Obscured by shadows
Race to meet our demise - Dead by dawn
Hope that we will be remembered - Tall and proud
If only we knew that the willow alone - would weep for us
For we are forsaken forever

The willow of the field, Why do you weep?
For me?
You weep for us all!

Lashed by the winds of autumn
But still you stand austere
Branches bent and broken,
The weight of feelings you bear
The grief laden wail of the widow
Calls to all who would hear her...
Track Name: Revelations
I would be the summer rain
The Autumn sun upon your face
And I will be here for you
The light that blinds your eyes

Follow me into the fire
follow me into the dream.
Through all these heartaches
I'll comfort you to the bitter end
But it's all coming down
A touch of winter on your soul

I will be your guide tonight
Deliver you from the storm
So Here the call of this your Angel
And Lie with me forevermore

Follow me into the fire
follow me into the dream.
These silent hours pass by unnoticed
A time to think of what's at hand
But it's all on your head
You can never shake these feelings away

And I fall into a darkness
Shadows cast upon my soul
But, with these revelations
I may yet still be whole

You find yourself so incomplete
Is the life you lead a forlorn destiny?
The weight of words are on your back
Is the life you lead worth the pain?
Worth the pain The ever surging of the tide.
Brings you ever closer to your knees
What you need?

At the breaking of the day - When all is gone
And all you see - Shadows from above
And all you hear - Echoes a far
You will never, never believe

Images ugly yet beautiful, haunt my mind

What is this - I look into your eyes
See the darkness that keeps you tied
Why All the suffering you cry?
Its All for the hate I bring
Is this a sign of things to come
My Angel fallen from Grace

I'll take you down now into my world.
To the fires so deep within the Earth
For your love for you lust.
You're mine forever
A tapestry to weave my art
Seared flesh to carve my will

These revelations brought me down - to a level of darkness I had never seen
These are my revelations
Track Name: Of Darkness
Dare to Search for truth
To the point of agony
Betrayed by the flesh
Awake to this reality!

Searching, for something that you can never have
A feeling, that's just out of you're reach
You grasp feebly, to all that you believe
A cruel abasement of your beliefs.
Walk in the shadows - this darkness is my life
Behold, Behold this light, it burns your eyes.
Are you blind? Are you alive?
Strength waning in life, the end in sight
All these thoughts ease your mind for just a while.

Veiled in the shadows - a shroud covers me

The Frailty we try to hide
A Failing that was never overcome
I'm reeling as I recall these memories
In this cold world I am alone Alone!
I am alone. Without your hand to guide me
Onwards Through this darkness
That is all of my life.

Words from your lips, Tempt me, Bind me into dark
With Lies, All your Lies
But I believe, Your words mean everything to me
And when the world lays dying at your feet
I am yours Forevermore

Weary of life, waiting for an end to come
Lay down to rest, no time for bitterness or regret
This damnation is mine alone!
Walk in the shadows, this darkness is my life.
Lay down, lay down your head to die, one last time.
Feel your heart cease to beat, you cease feel (anything)
Your last breath a dying whisper caught in your throat
But on you live.....
Track Name: Broken
How do we mend - these lives that lay broken?
How do we live - with these fears left unspoken?
And I yearn for someone to hold
Someone to be my anchor in this life
How do we find - those lost forever
Recollections of mine - are lost in this ether

Images caught in my cold memory
Reverence yet! I still owe to her being
These swollen eyes bless me with tears
As you renounced all these vows you swore and believed.

Turmoil that can't be resolved
Conflict of will driving deeper
Where hope is all but deceased
Wallow in your desperation

And as you drift away - There's nothing left to say
Unable to face the pain - Only this emptiness fills my soul
But right until the end - You will pray for me
Hold me in your arms - Bless me with your caress.

Struggle upwards towards the light
Breathless paralysis dragging you down
Staring eyes of glass as the world grows dark all around

There was - There was no release
There was - There was nothing left… For me.
But when you speak - All I hear are tears falling
Falling down on me - Baptize me with your grief
It's so hard to live - When you look away
When you look away - and I am left here
all alone (with just my self to blame)
I am empty - all dead inside- and I can never heal
Yes I am Broken- All cleaved in two -
Too many thoughts -of what might have been - and can never be
If you had died - then at least - at least I could have grieved.
All I am is broken - broken down - all down

When you're alone - When you're afraid
What will you do - to save your sanity?
Is this dream - Where I never wake?
Yes I am broken - all dead inside - and I can never heal - all cleaved in
Too many thoughts of what might have been and can never be

Bleak is this place - when mortality is forsaken for the dream
where broken men weep